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On how to sneak in a BioMed Central Open Access turtle into ‘The Gherkin’ – London – Part One

June 12, 2015
 Cross posted from my ye olde now deceased blog on Friday, 28 May 2010
As a follow on from this recent post on FriendFeed, my Gulliver Turtle clone has been training even harder after it’s rigorous week long training session at BMC’s HO (you can now, on request, get your own by emailing Gulliver directly) and I are training it down to London a week on Thursday for BioMed Central’s turtely fantastic 10th Anniversary and 4th Annual Research Awards event being hosted in London’s most prestigious St. Mary Axe, aka, The Gherkin.

Gulliver clone #536 inspects Mr G. S. of Glasgow’s invite and shortly thereafter, fell of it’s stool (Gulliver, not Mr G. S. of Glasgow and/or the invitation).

Providing clone #536 and I get through strict ID security checks upon arrival (and my dress code is deemed as being sufficiently ‘smart’), we’ll team up to bring y’all some neat footage (maybe even a tweet or three) once we’re inside this turtely awesome structure.
— SECRET PASSCODE looks like it’s gonna be, “Does my turtle look big in this?”.


Bill Hooker said…

Is that a turtle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Graham Seel said…

Fair point, Bill. I must ask Lord Sugar many turtely important questions when I/we get there !!