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“Open Views” – 43 podcastsPosted on April 6,

June 12, 2014

“Open Views” – 43 podcasts

Posted on April 6, 2012 by Graham Steel

Back in August 2007, pretty much by accident, I stumbled across an ongoing series of podcasts – the series was named Open Views. There are 43 episodes recorded/uploaded between October 2006 and December 2007. When I found the series, the most recent upload was episode 37.

The first four episodes that I listened to were:-

30 – Open Views – David Lipman, National Institutes of Health

10 – Open Views – Mark Patterson, Virginia Barbour, Public Library of Science

12 – Open Views – Richard Poynder


16 – Open Views – John Wilbanks, Science Commons

At that juncture, I was only six months into my foray into all things Open Access so listening to the above was extremely helpful.

So, who was behind this and what is ?

The person who put these episodes together was a guy called Sundar Raman.

And from

Who We Are

KRUU-LP 100.1 FM is a solar-powered, open source, independent, non commercial, listener-supported, grassroots community low power radio station, broadcasting 24 hours/day and 7 days/week since September 30th, 2006 from Fairfield, Iowa. 99.7% of the programs at KRUU are produced by some 100 volunteer hosts who create 80 shows a week. Only one program is not produced by KRUU hosts.

KRUU-FM – Giving Fairfield a Voice

The mission of KRUU is to give Fairfield a voice, and strengthen the community by encouraging creativity, dialogue and community involvement. KRUU is an open, inclusive, diverse forum for music, creative expression, information, and entertainment with a strong emphasis on locally created produced programming.

Very, very interesting….

Being the proactive person that I am, I submitted an entry to the SPARC Open Access Forum to alerts users about Open Views. I then contacted Sundar by email and received a lovely reply. Having told him a bit about my background, I sent him a copy of my Open Access Contact list which he was grateful for.

Quite by surprise, he asked if I would be interested in doing an interview !! McWOW… I gratefully accepted. I also assisted in connecting Sundar with Peter Suber and shortly thereafter, Sundar interviewed Peter Suber and I back to back.

And so it came to pass that episode 38 was:-

– Open Views – Peter Suber, OpenAccess

Whilst eagerly awaiting to hear my own interview, I helped to set up two others being:-

Episode 42 – Open Views – Matthew Todd, The Synaptic Leap


Episode 43 – Open Views – Matthew Cockerill, BioMedCentral

Episode 43 turned out to be the final one.

Sundar and I kept in touch and towards the end of the year, he emailed me a link to the unedited recording of my own interview. In January 2008, I uploaded a small section of the interview here and linked to it on my old blog here.

Finally, by July 2008, I got round to uploading and blogging the full edited version. DEAD LINK, see below instead. 


Anyways, enough about lil’ ole me….

Whilst it’s unfortunate that the series ended there, it still remains a fantastic online resource….

Open Views is an exploration of open-source and free-culture movements around the world, stretching beyond the limits of software. The show’s purpose is to provide a view into the rich world of collaborative development, open ideas, independent media, and new business models. This is a revolutionary time, with tools to aid the world, and collaboration possible from every corner of the globe. Open Views talks to the people at the front lines of this renaissance.   SOURCE

Click here for a short description of all of the episodes and here for a more in depth one

Listen to and download archived episodes of Open views by clicking on this link.