TED Fellowships – Open Science


Originally posted on my old blog Sunday, 15 March 2009

TED Fellowships – Open Science


“And then it struck me….” A line from a film currently under construction that I’m not allowed to say much about, at the moment.

Like many many others, McDawg is a massive fan of TED. Previous McBlawg TED related posts here. Indeed, TED came into the discussion two weeks ago at CISB’09 and McDawg was most surprised to learn that Henry Gee was unaware of TED. He has been primed about it now.

McDawg wasn’t aware of TED Fellows Program until yesterday. Also see The story,How it works and Applying to be a Fellow.

Cue this related thread over at FriendFeed started by Bill Hooker.

I have to say I completely agree with this comment from Bill:-

Yaroslav — I was indeed thinking of Jean-Claude, Cameron and a growing number of others who are actually *doing* Open Science. The TED people seem pretty forward-looking so I don’t think it’s necessary to have already changed the world, just made a good start on that project. A TED talk would certainly put ONS on a LOT of peoples’ radar, which is where collaborations come from, which is the secret to ONS success…

ONS = Open Notebook Science.

Cameron Neylon and Jean-Claude Bradley

McDawg has had the priviledge of meeting them both in person. Cue this post from Cameron:- The Open Science Endurance Event – Team JC-C

From the comments in the FriendFeed thread, Cameron has kind of ruled himself out but nominated Jean-Claude. I second that nomination.

I would dearly love something like ONS/OS to be platformed at a prestigious event like TED and would encourage someone like Jean-Claude to seriously consider applying to become a TED Fellow. Alternatively, anyone can nominate an individual by email:-

“Note: If you would like to nominate another individual (rather than apply), please email your nomination to fellows@ted.com. Include your and the nominee’s contact information (phone, address and email). Please tell us why you’d like to nominate him or her. Also list any pertinent websites that might give us more information about the nominee”.

++UPDATE++ Having alerted Peter Suber to the above (pers. communication), he has given this his full approval.

1 comment:

Readhead said…

Hi, we’d very much be interested in seeing an application from one of you working Open Science projects!

Tom Rielly
TED Conferences

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