Stone of Scone – The Connection


This is something I’ve been meaning to blog about for years, so here we go.


What exactly is the Stone of Scone and what is it’s history? Go here.


To this day, I’m not big into historical stuff in a major way. However, at the tender age of around 8, my Father told me about the Stone and in particular, how it was removed from Westminster Abbey in 1950 by a group of four Scottish students (Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson, and Alan Stuart) and that is was returned home to Scotland.

I recall my Father mentioning the story about the 1950 incident again in my teens and showed me some newspaper clippings that he had carefully kept. Specifically of interest was that of the four Scottish students, one of them, Ian Hamilton, was a family relative and the name Hamilton in terms of our family tree goes back over two centuries. Indeed my late brother Richard was named Richard Hamilton Steel.

The story came up a third time in 2008 when Uncle Ian decided to spill the beans about the heist.

Image“It was the 1950s student jape that re-ignited Scottish nationalism. As the ‘liberation’ of the Stone of Destiny is turned into a film, ringleader Ian Hamilton, now 83, tells Olga Craig why he is still proud of the heist”. SOURCE

Around that time, I discover that Ian is an active blogger (and still is) and my Father (sporting a Hamilton tartan tie) met him in person when Ian launched his book “Stone of Destiny: The True Story” and we have a personally signed copy acknowledging the family connection.

The launch of the film occurred the same year starring Charlie Cox as Ian and also featured Robert Carlyle as John MacCormick.


I told the above to my 14 year old Nephew, Jamie Steel upon his 1st trip back home from New Zealand last October who was most fascinated and he suggested looking for the film on YouTube. I have the DVD but didn’t have it at that time.

We did manage to watch the film together though online and I cherish that moment.


The above in part may explain why I have a blog entiled “McBlawg” and have a Twitter handle of @McDawg 😉

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