(as a blogger, this is turning out to be a morphing together of an email and a blog post and I don’t know a word for that…. yet)
Ed. Apparently, it’s Blorphing.

Dear Colleague, Sir/Madam, Greetings, Hola, Oh Yay Oh Yay Oh Yay, etc.,
As some of you are already aware, after (just) over five years, one shall be “moving on” from DEDACTED. next month, with my last day being Friday 2nd August <sniff/hurray/boo/hiss/etc.>.
Unsure what I’ll be doing next but maybe the price time is right for a career change. 
Maybe this>> but most probably, not this >> Inline image 3  Time will tell.Whilst not a night out per se, one shall be heading off to da pub after work for a few cold ones at DEDACTED (just round the corner on DEDACTED) that day.  Feel free to join me.–

And in other news, also that day, there are speculative rumours floating around the office and teh interwebz that ‘ManBand’ (they ain’t as young as they used to be) “The G Unit” may be making a special guest appearance at close of play right here in da house DEDACTED to perform a track just for us. How cool is that.  Inline image 1

One also takes this opportunity to offer a frank apology on two fronts. There are way too many to mention, so here, I offer some choice few examples.


Over the years on ‘Dress Down Day’, a number of items worn appear to have caused some of you some pain/amusement. A few reminders then before I go.

  Inline image 2 Inline image 4 Inline image 5 Inline image 6  Inline image 13
Can you smell Fashun? No, I can’t even spell it <insert joke from Sir Ross Campbell here>

Where does one start (the kitchen obviously and then desk/table)….

Inline image 7  followed by the “ChIndian” (half Chinese, half Indian) Inline image 8

The failed experiment of the perfectly cooked, frozen, defrosted and microwaved All Day Scottish Breakfast which was……. a bit of a disaster. (I’ll upload the data to figshare of this experiment in due course)

Inline image 9

The Infamous Inline image 10 and Inline image 11 and Inline image 12 era

which I hasten to add ceased forthwith a few years ago.

In the words of one of my favourite Producer’s Thomas Dolby, I shall leave you with this.

Back to work everyone, and hope to see a few of you after work on the 2nd.

*An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin ~1800*H: +44 (0)141 422 1483C: +44 (0)7827408070E: steelgraham7@gmail.comU: http://www.plos.orgPLOS I OPEN FOR DISCOVERY



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