3 guys, one camera, 4 days make history

From the old blog here.


Now, I remember playing “dead man falling” as a child. These three graphic designers recently had a lot of fun over four days on a shoestring budget.

The real action starts at 2.50, but you must watch from the beginning.

Great comment from this reviewer:-

Think of how close they are to Spielberg’s opening scene for Saving Private Ryan (minus some of the HQ sound effects, acting and close ups). In perspective that was; “Filmed in Ireland, the Omaha Beach scene cost $11 million and involved up to 1,000 extras”

Admittedly, after learning that this is a BBC production, this was probably not a low budget production. That said, when you consider that this was made in 4 days by 3 people, using one camera and a green bedspread, I found this stunningly impressive.

Bigger picture.

I noted that the BBC’s Richard Hammond appears during the introduction.

This footage was used for a recent BBC “Timeline” episode called “Bloody Ohama”. The hour long episode can be watched here although you may require to install the BBC iPlayer.

“BBC Two

Bloody Omaha
Duration: 60 minutes

History series. Researchers and historians are still arguing about why Omaha Beach was the hardest beach to capture in the D-day landings. Presented by Richard Hammond.”

Hat tip to blogger ‘Stupid Evil Bastard’ for posting this blog.



Frank said…

Call me

19 March 2009 14:07

McDawg said…

@ anon Frank. Why should I call you??

19 March 2009 14:10

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